How to: Add Multiple Contacts


How to: Add Multiple Contacts

UPDATED: September 2018


One of our adding contacts features was removed from the system recently. But due to the feedback of you, our customers, we have added it back!  What feature is that you may ask?  It’s the ability to add multiple contacts at once.


This is different from uploading a file of multiple contacts. With this feature you can add up to 50 new contacts at once with up to 5 fields of information.  Or if you want, you can paste in names and email addresses.


How Do I Add Multiple Contacts


  • First you want to click the Gold "Add Contacts" drop down in the Contacts area. Then choose "Type in or past contacts"


  • On the next screen, you can choose if you want to manually type in the contacts information or if you want to paste in names & emails

    AMC Tabs.png

    Enter Contact Details

  • If you choose to "Enter contact details", the screen defaults to 10 entries. At the bottom you can select "Add 10 more rows +". You can do this for up to 50 rows.
  • Choose from the drop downs the information you want to add. The selected information in the other columns will be greyed out. Here are a few that are available:

    drop down.PNG

  • When you've entered all the information you want to add, click "Continue" at the bottom to begin the import. 

    Paste names & emails

  • If you choose to paste the email addresses & names, it will look like this:
    *Please note that you can also manually type in this area. Just use a hard enter after each contact
    Paste Names & Emails.PNG

  • Once you have entered your contacts, click the Continue 
  • For both options, you are brought to a new screen. On this new screen, you can choose the list(s) to add the contacts to adn also to add tags to them.


  • When you choose to add to lists, you can also click to "Create a new list." When you do this, it will automatically check that list to upload contacts to.
  • When you're done, hit Apply!

Now, you can sit back and we'll upload your contacts for you.  If you want to check the status, just click "Activity" at the top of the page.


Any questions, let us know!