How to Align your Images with Text

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How to Align your Images with Text

UPDATED: July 2018



The information below only applies to templates in 2GE. If you are working in a 3GE campaign here are some helpful articles on how to:


Create columns for your text and images

Wrap text around your images



Have you had a hard time getting your image to align with your text just the way you want it to?  Hopefully these step by step instructions will help you out. 


Your first step should be to add the text within your block.  By adding the text first it gives you more control over where your image aligns with the text. Insert - Images.png

Your second step will be inserting the image.  You will want to place your cursor at the beginning of the text line/paragraph.  (Wherever you place your cursor will correspond with where the top of the image will align). You can then choose to Insert > Image.   When you select the image you want in the block, choose the Customize option, so that you can resize/align the image before entering into the block.  On the customize screen you will see a drop down for Align, here you can choose Right or Left, to align the image next to the text.  If you wish to center the image, the text will be moved above and below the image.  (If you want text on each side of a centered image, you will need to insert a table).  Here you can also resize on the right by pixels or use the sliding scale on the bottom of the Insert Image window.  When you are all set customizing your image, click Insert at the bottom right of the window. 


Align Images.png


Your image will now be aligned with your text!  Do you have any tips or tricks to share? 


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