How to Integrate Salesforce with Your Constant Contact Account

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How to Integrate Salesforce with Your Constant Contact Account

Read the PDF and it's wrong from the get go.


step 1.3 "3. Select Import Tools from the My Contacts section of the screen"


there's no "my contacts" option


there's no "imports tools"


shocking a company this big can;t keep docs up to date


how do I link my SF account to CC (instead of just cancelling CC and using SF exclusively)


an d talk about bait and switch, this link says "free"

but is "free" for 2 weeks and their response to a complaint on this was "all our integrations start at free with Add-Ons for features for $9.99 if needed yet for paid plans we have bundles ranging from $19.99 to $99.99 a month based on the software app combo integration. Hope that clarified the pricing a bit better. ?






Tim, looks like you have tried to install the deprecated Constant Contact InfoTransfer solution, not SyncApps based on the PDF mentioned?


But there is good news here as your need to connect your Salesforce to Constant Contact without canceling Constant Contact is as simple as using SyncApps.


With SyncApps you can sync unlimited contact data, bidirectionally, every 24 hours.


There is no limit on the number of contacts you can transfer automatically as many of our subscribers sync over 1,000,000 contacts and lead each week from website forms, Salesforce entries, and list building activities.


If you need more added functionality like bring back Campaigns Metrics into Salesforce from Constant Contact or segmenting records into separate Constant Contact lists our Add-Ons are a perfect way to manage this in your Free Plan.


Start here:








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I looked into this, but I need to buy WebAPI for every user in salesforce @$25/user/month, so for 10 users, it's $250/month for salesforce WebAPI

Yes, a bit high for 10 users however Salesforce API pricing is really meant to move most to their Enterprise Edition if they use other applications to integrate to or workflows that require it so not really small business-friendly if you are using their API.


However, in our research over the past decade integrating Constant Contact and Salesforce most businesses can save over 13+ days per year integrating using SyncApps so if you add that cost to your business does it outweigh the cost of the API/year?


In most cases yes on a per-employee basis and time saved basis as well.


Thanks again for all the feedback on this quite important topic of integrating Salesforce to other software.