How to Resend to a Bounced Email


How to Resend to a Bounced Email

Have you been managing or editing your bounces and now you want to send an email to some of them again? 


You can perform a QuickSend to your contacts to send them your latest email.  In order to find your edited bounces easily, we recommend tagging them.  You can Tag the contacts right from the bounce screen by selecting the contacts and clicking the Manage Tags button.  You can then Create a New Tag or apply an existing one. 

 Manage Tags Bounces.png


Once you have your contacts all grouped together, you can go to the Contacts tab and then click on that tag that you assigned your contacts.  You can then select all of the contacts within that tag, and choose More Actions > QuickSend.  This will then bring up a menu where you can choose any emails that were originally sent within 85 days.  After choosing the email you can click “Send to # recipients” to send the email off immediately, this will also give you a chance to check the number of contacts that the email is going to be sent to. 



Has it been too long and you cannot use QuickSend or you want to set a specific date/time for your resend?  You can go to your Contacts Page, and add the tags to a list using the Add to Email Lists button and create a new list.  You can then copy your email and select your new list to schedule the email to go out.