How to access HTML code in new editor?

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How to access HTML code in new editor?

Whew, they have gotten rid of so many useful editor features in this Oct 2020 version of the editor--UNDO/REDO is gone; the eraser is gone; the style drop-down is gone; and most importantly, the access to HTML code is gone--has anyone figured out how to access it? The spacing of items in a bulleted list is way too tight, and I need to adjust it. Help!


Hello @JesseC1 ,


For Compliance reasons (among others) the ability to access the editor's scripting / HTML was removed in the current, mobile-compatible editor. With that in mind, you can still build emails from HTML code by using the custom code editor.


As far as your other points, the ability to undo and redo are still available in the editor, next to the save button at the top of the editing screen.


You can still delete (erase) entire blocks by clicking in them, the selecting the trashcan in the pop-up menu. To delete entire rows, you can click the gray gear icon in a row's top-right corner (seen while mousing over the row, not clicked in it), then selecting the trashcan icon.


As far as styling, you can set default colors, fonts, etc. through the left sidebar's Design tab, and then edit text, background color, etc. via the block's pop up menu or row's gear icon.


As far as the line spacing on bulleted lists, our engineers are still working on ways to make line-spaced lists work with mobile-compatibility. If you feel it's too tight, then a workaround you can do is make the list in a separate word processing program, then screenshot and insert as an image into your email. 


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