How to add a contact information section on survey page & how to edit the "Thank you" page?

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***Time Sensitive!  Need Immediate Response Please***
We need to collect the contact information of our survey respondents and also be able to edit the "Thank You" page.  We need to be able to add our 2022 event information.

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Hi @JasonM13. At this time, our survey pages do not collect personal information and the thank you page cannot be edited. If you would like to see these features added to survey pages, please click the links below and leave a vote or comment on the open idea for each request. Though we do not have a time estimate if these features will be available in the product, any updates will be posted there, not on this post. Voting and commenting on those posts helps to influence future product decisions and allows you to be notified of replies from our teams.



Caitlin M.
Community Manager