How to add link to "Shop Now" Button

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How to add link to "Shop Now" Button

How can I add a hyperlink to the buttons that are in some of the e-mail templates.  For examlpe, one template has a "shop now" button and a "see more" button, but I can't figure out how to make the button itself link to my website.  I can add a separate link above or below the button, but can't add it to the actual button like I can add a link to my own images.

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Updated: November 2017

Hi there,

If the template comes with a 'Shop Now' button, you'll want to highlight the text, select the Link button, and paste in your URL to your website.  Here is a screenshot for 2GE users:




For 3GE users, If your template doesn't already include a button, click the Blocks tab and add one to your template.
Tip: Make your call-to-action prominent by keeping your button placement toward the top of your email.

  1. Click the button to open the editor and use the drop-down menus to change the button color, alignment, font style, font color, or font size.
  2. Click the Link button to open the "Insert Link" box.
  3. Select the Type of link in the dialog box.
    Note: Adding a mailto link? The subject line and body content can be customized using a little HTML.
  4. In the Text to display on button field, replace the default text with a clear call to action. The size of the button will increase or decrease based on the amount of text and the font size. If you have several buttons that you want to keep the same size, try adding spaces or hitting Enter before and after the text to change the length and width.
    • Buy Now
    • View Our Calendar
    • RSVP
    • Learn More
  5. In the Link URL field, paste the URL for your web page. Click Test link to make sure the link is working properly
  6. Click Insert to close the box and finish editing the rest of your email.

Here is a screenshot for 3GE users:

Alternatively, you can do a search on the internet for free button images, select one that you like and upload it to your Constant Contact Library, insert it into your email and turn that image into a clickable link.  Any image can be a clickable link, so find an image that works for you and use it to direct your customers to your webpage.


Any image can be a clickable link, so find an image that works for you and use it to direct your customers to your webpage.



I hope that information was helpful to you,

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