How to benefit from bug fixes or new features?

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How to benefit from bug fixes or new features?

I wasn't able to use a basic feature--getting text to wrap around an image--until I chatted with text support and Mary realized I wasn't able to do that because the bug wasn't fixed (or the feature added) until after I began work on our newsletter template. She fixed the problem but going forward, how will future bugs get fixed, or new features added, if you have to start with a new template to benefit from them, and there's no communication to let us know?

Hello @BrynC6


Thank you for passing along this feedback.  We are working on ways to get this information to our customers, like you.  One new way that we are passing along information is through the notification icon in your account.  If you look at the top right of the blue bar you should see a bell icon (it may have a yellow dot on top of it).  This will show you new features within Constant Contact.