How to create a basic landing page with multiple list options?

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How to create a basic landing page with multiple list options?

This used to be very easy with the Basic Landing Pages. Now I can't find a way to do it short of creating a custom  page, which feels like more work than this should require. The Lead Generation Landing Pages, which appear to have replaced the basic option, will allow subs to only one list. Is there a way to use the old basic pages to create what I need? I can't even find a way to copy an existing basic landing page. (I know I could do an inline form, but then I have to go through the developers to place it on our Wordpress site since I can't put scripts on there.)






Hello @ruralaction ,


If you need access to the old landing page sign up forms, you can find them in the Basic Landing Pages of the Sign-up Forms tab in the navigation bar. You can access it directly by going to this link after logging into your account.


I've added your account as one interested in seeing the lead generation landing pages have list selection available. If and when there's an update to this feature request, our engineers will notify you via email.

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Thanks for your response but this really doesn't solve my problem. I don't see any way to create a new basic form there. It just lists the ones we already have. (If it would allow me to copy one of my existing forms, that probably would solve the problem for me.)


Thanks for adding us to the folks who want this feature on the new lead generation pages.