How to delete contacts that havent opened emails in last few months

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How to delete contacts that havent opened emails in last few months

How to I delete contacts that are sent my emails weekly, but haven't opened my emails for months after initially signing up to receive them? 

Out of 700 emails sent only about 250 ever open them every week.


Hello everyone,

Thank you all for reaching out to the Community with your feedback and questions on creating a cumulative did not open report! As mentioned in previous responses by other Constant Contact employees, we have recently added a Contacts Segments feature to help with creating a Did Not Open list. This tool allows you to create a list that did not open report of contacts for the last 90 days or over your last 500 campaignsPlease continue to share any further feedback on creating a cumulative did not open reports in our feedback section of the Community.

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Shannon CheerZone
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I'm considering deleting contacts that have not even opened an email. Is there any good practive to follow when getting rid of non-openers? Should we leave them in there just in case they decide to open? Or is a waste of money? I know you can look at each individual email history, but could there be some kind of report? Anyone have any tips on how they handle this?
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Wasn't there some note in the Constant Contact info that said that depending on how users read email, it may not always register *all* users who open the email...? Or am I mistaken? I personally would not delete them unless you're at the threshold of the next pricing tier. And even then I'd only do so if I was sure they had a history of not reading the emails.

Hi Shannon. I just finished commenting on a similar question from 7/22. Here is what I wrote: It's important to know how opens are recorded. A small, clear image is inserted into your email when it is sent. Whenever this image loads, it is tracked and reported. This means anyone who receives the text version of your email or does not load the image will not be found among your opens (a lot of mobile devices are still used that do not support images). If you remove all "unopens", you will be eliminating these people. As for seeing a contact's open history, you can view it in the contact's details. In the Contacts tab, search for the contact in question and click on the email address when the search results appear. In the left column, click "Email History". The history goes back 90 days. There is not a way to export this history for all contacts. Finally, if you want a list of confirmed opens, you can view the opens for each email and click "Save as List". You can either create a new list or add them to an existing list. Additionally, Equihab is right: if you are just over, over even approaching, the next contact level, you should clean up a little bit. Remove any bounces that are non-existent or undeliverable. Just be careful with the "unopens" since they may still be readers. -Steve

Hi Shannon, It appears that the two previous comments have answered how your reports may be not be accurate relating to your non-opens. Many of my clients use digital devices other than their computer and the report indicates them as a "non-open". Every few months I add a special offer within the body of my email. I give away something for free that would be welcomed by my audience. Not knowing your market/audience it would be difficult to suggest something for you. Other months I add a survey or a poll. Many of the people who show as non-opens on my list are the ones who answer the survey or respond to the free offer. One month I made alot of intentional typos and offered a prize to the first one who sent me the list of corrections, You might consider something similar in your ezine to see how may of your non-openers are really your devoted readers. Wishing you success, Sumner M. Davenport Niche Marketing Consultant
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How can I track the contacts who do not open my email newsletters

I've been searching around on the reports looking for a list of my contacts who are NOT opening my e-mails?  I'd like to send them sort of a "last chance" e-mail before I remove them.  I'm trying to stay under the 500 mark and I'm coming close so I need to trim the list of people who aren't even opening them up.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!

Hi, there is no report from Constant Contact for that, but what you can do is export the list of email addresses that opened the email and then recile that with excel and then you will have a list of who did not open the email then you can upload that to CC, you will not add extra contacts that way because each unique email address can be on 20+ lists and only count as 1. This is what I do its supper easy and only takes about 10 Minutes.

I think there should be an easier way to see lists of contacts that haven't opened your last 2, 5, or 8 (etc) emails. It has taken me hours to cross reference unopened email contact lists to ensure I check the last few emails. I don't want to delete someone who just didn't open one.

I completely agree that such a feature would be important for Constant Contact to add.  It would be very helpful.  Constant Contact shouldn't worry about us having potentially viewer contacts in our mailing lists (--> lower fees for Constant Contact) as it will make our emails more efficient and reach a more interested audience, leading us to recommend Constant Contact to others.

It would indeed be really helpful to have a list of people who never open the emails.


Whilst I understand there may be a slight chance that those opening the emails are not recorded if the pixel is not traced, I am in the same situation as a previous respondee - I am near going into another price bracket, and wish to clean up my list to ensure I only send to those who ARE opening the emails.


It really would be helpful to everyone using CC to be able to do this.


I've just tried using the method suggested here, as I asked exactly the same question to CC customer service and had quite a detailed step by step reply, but it doesnt seem to work.


Surely with all the sophisticated measures CC have put in place, it is a simple thing/column  to add into response reports, and if we see can therefore see someone has NEVER opened an email, we can remove them from a list?


Like someone else said, it would make us recommmend CC to others even more (as I have on several occasions already!)

Hello Sue,


Great reports let you know more about your contacts and help you focus your marketing efforts are a focust of a project that we're currently working on here at Constant Contact. This project will take a little while (users should see the benefits mid 2012) because of the number of users we have and the volume of email reporting data that we deal with every day.


I apologize that I do not have more information than that to share with you. Just hang tight and we'll hopefully have exactly what you're looking for soon.



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They dont want people to reduce their list for the $$$$$ , Shady

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Is there a way to view contacts who did NOT open my last e-mail?

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is this your first question. so go get this help from them ...or they just ignore your email you cannot force them that was ..normal!

UH? Did the 70's come back??? Email sent - Folks who opened - bounced addresses = folks that did not open. Folks that never received it is a tougher question.

You know, I would like an answer to this question as well. If I'm correct, this person is wanting to also know how to not only see who opened or didn't open your email, but how to edit people who are not opening them. Not just the bounces.

When you say : Remove Link.

Did you mean to say Remove List?

UPDATED: October 2018


We have recently added the Contacts Segments tool that allows you to create a list of contacts that did not open any of your last 5 emails, a specific email, or any email. Please click here to learn more about using our Segments feature.


The information below is the steps to manually create a did not open list.


Hello everyone,

We do have a feature that allows you to see who has not opened a particular email campaign.   With this report, you can see who has not opened a particular email or have not opened over a period of time.  To do this follow the steps below:


First, you will copy all your contacts into a new list.  Create a new list add call it “did not open in progress” Then create another new list and call this one something like “Opens since March 2017” (You can pick any date range you like)

After creating the list go over to the reporting tab.  If you are looking for a particular time frame, click on the number of opens for the first campaign sent during the beginning of the time frame you were looking for.  Select all of the contacts (the opens) , and click Manage Lists and click “Add to Lists” Select the list you created, in our example,  “Opens since March 2017” Once these have been added go back to the reporting tab and repeat the steps with every campaign that has been sent since then.  This should leave you with a list of contacts who have opened your email for the date range you have chosen.  

Go to Contacts tab and open the “Opens since March 2017” list, select all the contacts in that list.  Click Manage List and choose Remove from Lists.  Select the “did not opens in progress” list and click Remove.  All the contacts remaining in the “did not open in progress” lists are the contacts who have not opened the emails since the date range you selected.  



I hope that helps,

Marissa W.

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This works like a charm. Thanks!

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that video link does not work