How to delete contacts that havent opened emails in last few months

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How to delete contacts that havent opened emails in last few months

Does Constant Contact offer a quick way to see contacts that have not opened in months? I know about this method, but is there a quicker / easier way?


The method above is just ridiculous it you send with high frequency, a basic "did not open" report should be available at the contact level, not just the campaign level. If this is not present currently, it seems like something that CC can add relatively easily that would be a tremendous help to users that want to do better to keep their lists clean, which in turn helps ALL of CC's users by helping keep the IP reputation we all share under CC in good standing. 

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The method above is also incredibly time consuming if, like us, you have a number of different lists corresponding to different products (in our case a number of different magazines we produce) all under the same account. It should be simple to go into any given list and instantly see a report of contacts in that list that have not opened an email over a defined period of time. 

Hi @JeffW467

Thanks for bringing your question to the community! We recently rolled out a feature that will allow you to send an email to a specific segment of your contacts. Specifically, you can choose to email any contact who has not opened your email in the last 90 days. More information on quick segmentation can be found in This Article. 


I think this would be a great opportunity for you to send out one last email to folks that might not be as engaged as you would like. Once the email is sent, you will then have a list of people who did not open that last email, and you could remove them from the account in one fell swoop. This would save you the time and energy of compiling all of your non-openers into a single list and give your contacts a chance to get re-engaged.


Nate M. 
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Nate- so are you saying that you can email those who have not opened an email in 90 days but you cannot get the list of those names to delete them? 

Hi @EustaceK 


That's a great question! The good news is while you can segment these contacts to email them, you can also segment them to be deleted. You can then be add your segment into a list to keep them separated. Once you have created this list you will then be able to delete this list under the Contacts tab in your account.

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