How to delete contacts that havent opened emails in last few months

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Re: How to delete contacts that havent opened emails in last few months

Hi Michelle,


To remove your contacts who haven't opened your email, you can follow the instructions below. Just a note, not all contacts will show up as opens.  We track opens by inserting a 1px by 1px image and when the contact allows images to be viewed, that counts it as an open.  We also only store data for the past 85 days. So you'll be able to remove only up to 90 days ago.


To remove contacts who didn't open:


  1. Go to Email Marketing > Reports
    Note: If the email is an autoresponder, click Email Marketing > Autoresponder.
  2. Go to the "Opens" column and click the hyperlinked number.  The "Opened Contact Emails" page lists the email addresses for the contacts who opened this email. 
    Note: If the email is an Autoresponder, the list only shows contacts that have viewed the email in the past 90 days.
  3. Click the Save as List button.
  4. Type the name of a new list or select an existing list in which to save these email addresses.
  5. Click Add Contacts to List.  The adding begins and usually takes place immediately. However, larger lists may take up to 2 hours.

I hope that helps!  Let us know if you have any questions!

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Re: How to delete contacts that havent opened emails in last few months

Hi Michelle,


A thought for you: it seems a bit of a shame to delete contacts who initially signed up to receive your newsletter.  You might consider changing some of the parameters for those "never opens" - try separate mailings to them, with a different subject line and a different frequency (less frequently).


You might capture some of them back.


Hope this helps.  Please let me know if there are questions regarding anything I have written.





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Re: How to delete contacts that haven't opened emails in last few months



Robert has a great point.   I copied this from another thread I am involved in as it pertains to this topic as well.


Inactive Subscribers.

"Anyone who hasn't opened an email from you or clicked on a link over a period of time can be deemed "inactive." These people are not lost forever, however. Contrary to what you might think, they are like potential new clients, but even better! They loved you before. Now is your chance to make them fall in love with you again. Recently I received an email from a shopping site I used to frequent but had, over time, just stopped paying attention to. The email acknowledged I hadn't shopped there for a while and offered an enticing incentive to get me back. My interest was piqued on two levels: I felt special and I was getting a great offer. The result? I clicked through, the site was back on my radar, and I made a purchase within a week."

Source: The ClickMail Marketer


Before you delete them, try creating a few special pieces with a custom subject line to draw them back in. Then if that fails. BLOW THEM UP. 


How's this for an easier way to clean house. I do this for clients anytime they get close to the next boundary in the price list.  I want a strong large list but don't want to pay for inactive addresses. This also assumes you are practicing "safe bounce".


1.) Make a back up of your master list by downloading it.

2.) Create a new list for "The Openers"

3.) Go over your last X number of emails and merge all the folks that have opened something to the list in step 2.

4.) This should now be a "new"master list of all the folks that have interacted with you.

5.) Delete your "old" master list.


Rise and repeat.

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Removing contacts from a list

How do I remove contacts from the Did Not Open List?


Re: Removing contacts from a list

Hi Emmy,

Great question! If you would like to remove the contacts listed on your Did Not Open list you will need to check off the contacts and add them to a new list. You can then go into the new list and remove them from there. The reason behind this process is that we don't necessarily want you to automatically delete these people as there are a number of reasons an open would not be tracked. 


Hope this helps,

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Remove "Did Not Open" emails???

I love the "My Reports" for campaigns I sent, especially the new 'Did Not Open' list. BUT, how do I remove those addresses????

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Hello, Thank you for posting. To remove these contacts, you will want to add them to a newly created list and then once you have them saved as a list, you can remove them from within the list.





The reason that we don't readily provide the option to remove is that we want to encourage you to use this Did Not Open list as an opportunity to reach out to these contacts to try to re-engage them. Here is a great resource that give more information on this, if you're interested.

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i want to delete those who do not open

i cannot find this clearly marked do you do this on purpose i went down the list of 'not opened' checked the ones that i want to delete and nanobot find this anywhere WHY! ITS INFURIATING
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Re: i want to delete those who do not open

Hi there, 



So sorry to hear that this process was infuriating to you. That report is designed to help you resend to those people who did not open in one fell swoop. In the past this was very difficult and highly desired. However, to delete a contact from that section is not an option and that is why you were not able to find how to do this. Here's what we recommend for that function: 



1. Put a checkmark in the box next to a contact you'd like to delete

2. Select More Actions

3. Manage Tags

4. Create a New Tag

5. Create a tag called 'To Be Deleted' 

6. Click 'Create' then 'Apply'

7. Click on your contacts tab

8. Click into the tag you created called: 'To Be Deleted' and it should show you the number of contacts you wanted to delete from the did not open report

9. Select the contact you want removed/deleted from your Constant Contact account, and select More Actions10. Select Delete. This contact no longer will receive email from you. They are no unsubscribed so you may add them back again in the future if you need to. 





Upon returning to your Contacts Tab: 





I hope that helps you remove contacts from the Did Not Open category, 

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Removal of Contacts

Is there a way to remove many contacts from the not-opened list? When I click on the contact, the only option is to quick send. There needs to be an way to delete from this page. -help
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