How to delete contacts that havent opened emails in last few months

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How to delete contacts that havent opened emails in last few months

How to I delete contacts that are sent my emails weekly, but haven't opened my emails for months after initially signing up to receive them? 

Out of 700 emails sent only about 250 ever open them every week.


Hello everyone,

Thank you all for reaching out to the Community with your feedback and questions on creating a cumulative did not open report! As mentioned in previous responses by other Constant Contact employees, we have recently added a Contacts Segments feature to help with creating a Did Not Open list. This tool allows you to create a list that did not open report of contacts for the last 90 days or over your last 500 campaignsPlease continue to share any further feedback on creating a cumulative did not open reports in our feedback section of the Community.

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I would be delighted.

email me at and let's set up a time.

I have been asking for this reporting feature since CC started and given the same "create a new list from opens" but oh by the way, we track with a 1 pixel image and if they don't load images we can't tell so you might lose some important customers.


Please...especially in this economy give us a report feature that everyone has been asking for since.......forever...

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Please read my previous posts... you are asking for the impossible... anti-virus software and SMPT Gateways can easily (and regularly do) block automatic responses... give it up. I know that I expect my security software to block any info sent without my permission!

I've had to work with other email marketing companies for my clients that have the report. I just happen to like all the features of Constant Contact best. How do they do it?

I am sorry for the frustration this has caused you and everyone that wants an accurate report to understand whether their customers are opening emails.  The earlier comments about the tracking pixel are correct.  The way Constant Contact and all other email companies track if an email has been opened is by having this invisible image displayed to the recipient.  If their email program blocks images or if they choose not to display them then we do not count it as an open in our opens report.  Additionally, this will be counted as a did-not-open when we release our did not opens report.


This is my challenge.  I want to be as accurate as possible in the information I show you.  But I don't want to confuse or mislead anyone.  The customers I have met with have told me that what is most important is to know who is not opening so they can remove them from their list.  The two best methods that customers have come up with to ensure that their list contains people that are still interested in hearing from them are:


1.  Ensure that you have links in your email since those are always tracked.  In fact if a link is clicked we will automatically count that as an open as well regardless if they are displaying images.


2.  Send a "are you still interested" email.  Send this either to your whole list or if you have a list of customers that are not opening emails (using the method at the start of this post - and eventually using the did not opens report).


Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you might have.  I will continue to listen to you needs and try to build the best solution possible to meet those needs.


Thank you,

Jonathan Mandell
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Hi Jonathan,


Posting that very clear explanation of how tracking works (and where it doesn't) where people are sure to read it when first signing up would avoid a lot of disappointment.


Given what  you have explained, it seems logical that plain text emails also would fail to register as "opens", unless, a link placed by the sender (me) was clicked on by the recipient. Is that accurate?



Tom D

Hi Tom,


So you would be accurate with your text e-mail inquiry; as there is no automatic communication with Constant Contact when a text document is opened, a tracked link is the only way we would be able to tell if someone opened your newsletter.


Thank you so much!




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Thanks for the confirmation, Joe. I don't see where to mark "accepted solution", though. :smileyface:

What's interesting is in the beginning days of email with America Online, you could tell if your mail was read or not. Wonder how they did it.



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Hey all,


I wanted to clarify briefly the difference between a "Text Only" e-mail and a "Text Version" e-mail as I don't want to set the wrong expectation that if you create in our New Wizard an e-mail that happens to be only text that a contact will need to click on a link in order to be tracked. As an HTML e-mail, we still will be able to register that person as open if they can download images, despite the content YOU created not having anything that can contribute to tracking.


There is also a "Text Version" of an e-mail that can get sent out to contacts who do not have the capability to see the more visual layout of an e-mail, usually because of e-mail security or they are viewing on a device or e-mail client that can't render those e-mails. It's rare that this happens nowadays, but in the instances that it does, it is the Text Version that requires someone to click on a link, not an e-mail created normally that is nothing but text.


You can see this in Constant Contact when you create an e-mail under Advanced Features; there will be a link that says "Edit Text Version."


If you would like, take a few minutes and check out this video that shows in detail what this looks like as well as what your readers will see in this case. If you have any questions, let me know!





Have you created the 'did not open' report yet?  -Nate

  I send out a weekly email. Although I have a nice open rate, I would like to contact customers that have not opened the emails in a while to see if they are still interested. My question is - How can a I get a report of contacts that have not opened an email in the past 3 months?

UPDATED: October 2018


We have recently added the Contacts Segments tool that allows you to create a list of contacts that did not open any of your last 5 emails, a specific email, or any email. Please click here to learn more about using our Segments feature.





Creating a list of those that did not open the email is a great way to clean up your contact list or even target those contacts directly in an effort to have them open the emails. Here is a FAQ on how to location contacts that do not open your email and how to remove them from a list



Hannah M.
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I had to export the list into another list (I sorted by date) and have to go through each name one by one. I think the reason that they don't provide a way to do this ensures that you won't bother with a tideous and laborious deletion list. This way you can be charged for "dead wood". I am looking around for another service that will let me do this, so I can keep my lists current.


Byt he way they promised to have this matter taken care of over a year ago.

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I'm sure Constant Contact will remove this message soon so I hope that you get a chance to read it. They will NEVER develop a way for us to get a list of those not opening our emails because Constant Contact will lose money. They'd rather make it really hard and frustrating for us to just not do anything. It's beyond easy to create a way for us to know this but Constant Contact doesn't care. I have been complaining about this for YEARS.

Hi Kevin,

We understand that this is an important feature for customers. We are releasing a complete overhaul to this area of accounts later this year to implement tons of cool features and requested items. These updates will increase reporting detail and management tools in the contacts area of your account. I cannot release an exact timeframe but we do understand the urgency of such features and we will post any updates in the Community as soon as we can.


Thanks for adding in your feedback, I've passed it along on your behalf.



Hannah M.
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Thanks for replying Hannah, and I do have to say this is what we've heard for literally years and I can totally understand Kevin's frustration as I shared it as well. I thought all companies couldn't tell you if someone opened an email or not because I had only worked with Constant Contact from the beginning. It wasn't until I worked on some other clients accounts with other companies and found out how easy it was to get that report and cannot fathom why CC wouldn't have implemented this earlier except that it would affect their bottom line.


Unfortunately after many years, I gave up and moved over to a company that had better reporting and responses than "later this year".


While I have many good things to say about Constant Contact and still send people your way if they are beginners, I don't know that I would return even if you did get that feature in after all this time.

Hannah, your original response from January 2013 indicates there would be improvement in that year.  Can you advise if there is now a way to report contacts that haven't opened emails during a certain date range (i.e. last 6 months)?


Hi @SharonT9 


Thank you for posting. I am not seeing any new information regarding seeing contacts who haven't emails over an extended period of time. You can vote for this here in our Feedback Area.


I apologize for any inconvenience. Follow that thread for updates on that feature request! It's updated by our Developers and Moderators!

Do we really need to be voting for this, wen it should be a standard tool available to us?


We're told Constant Contact is the market leader, but if other companies as shown above can give their customers this information, why can't you?


Customers have been asking for this for years now, it does seem like it's available but you don't want to give us this information as we'd all reduce our contact lists accordingly.


We only want 'constant contact' with our 'constantly reading' customers, not 'constantly not opening' people!