How to enter Query String to automatically populate form on a website?


How to enter Query String to automatically populate form on a website?

I have done this easily in  and it works well there. I'd like to do the same for my client using Constant Contact.


After sending out an email campaign to my list, I need to have user information automatically populate a form (Gravity Forms) on a website. In  the query string for the website link lookalike this:*|FNAME|*&LNAME=*|LNAME|*&LOCATION=*|LOCATION|*&EMAIL=*|E...


I read somewhere that Constant Contact uses "$" for the query syntax, so I tried:$FNAME$&LNAME=$LNAME$&LOCATION=$LOCATION$&EMAIL=$EMAIL$


That didn't work. The fields are left blank.


I also read somewhere that in Constant Contact you need to turn OFF click tracking to have this work, but I don't see where that option is.


Can someone please give me some guidance on this?






Hello @AndrewK279,


Thank you for reaching out to the community!


The function that you are attempting to use is unfortunately not possible in our editing platform. However, you are welcome to create a custom code email to accomplish your goals here. I have included some links below to help you get started. I hope that this is helpful!


Create a Custom HTML Email Campaign


Guidelines for Designing Custom HTML Email Campaigns


Add a Contact Property or Custom Field to a Custom Code Email


Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.


-Curtis P
Community & Social Media Support

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