How to filter least engaged by lists?

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How to filter least engaged by lists?

How do you filter the least engaged contacts by list?  For example, I want to see the least engaged contacts on my Active Volunteer list because the emails I send to them aren't relevant if they aren't active.  Is there a way to do this?



Hello @HannahsTreasure ,


I'd recommend setting up a segment with the following criteria:

  • List Membership > On List > Active Volunteer
  • Contact Activity > Engagement > is > Least Engaged

For a visualization of how it would look when selecting the criteria:

Screenshot 2021-07-29 105531.jpg


From there you can send an email to that segment, or add that segment of contacts to a list of their own for further management/deletion.


One course of action to consider is creating a simple email letting those contacts know that your reporting isn't showing as much engagement from them, so you'll be removing them from future mailings. Then include a link in the email to a landing page sign up form where they can sign back up, if they're ever interested in doing so. Then send the email to that segment / newly created list, and delete the contacts.

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