How to personalize an email?


How to personalize an email?

Is there a tutorial on how to personalize and email? Thanks Ed

Hello @EdwardG10,



It appears we do not have a ready-made tutorial at the moment but I will be sure to let that team know. In the mean time, here are the steps to add personalized details such as a greeting or contact fields in your e-mail:


1) Drag over a text block or click on an existing text block in the template you're working on.


2) Make some space for the Greeting Tag. Then leave your cursor blinking on the line you want the Greeting Tag on.


3) Click on Insert on the toolbar displayed in the image below and choose Greeting Tag.




4) You can customize the "Dear" field and then choose if you want it to say First Name, First & Last Name, or just Last Name. The Secondary Greeting only displays if no first and/or last name is associated with the contact.




5) It will then display in a dotted line box.




 6) Additionally, you can choose Contact Details and select a specific field, including any custom fields you create. Maybe each of your contact's has a unique Subscriber number you need them to see in their e-mail. This would be the tool to display it.




I hope this information helps!

Nick S.
Social Media & Content Manager

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