How to place a PDF 3 page letter and then add links from inside CC


How to place a PDF 3 page letter and then add links from inside CC

I have a letter I wish to send to my email group. I would then like to link key documents into the letter using my CC Library.

I am uncertain if I can have the letter as my campaign with the links built. Seems really over the top to hyperlink my Word /PDF document first then link the necessary key documents via CC. Any ideas?



Hey @CarmineD812,


    Welcome back to the Community! Those are some great questions. So when it comes to using a PDF in an Email Campaign, you can definitely add it as a link for customers to download or view! You can have the document connected to either a button, a hyper link, or a photo. Document links.png

     When it comes to having the document displayed in the Email Campaign, our system is set up to convert the first page of any PDF into a photo when it is uploaded into the library. You can click here to see the steps for uploading! If you would like to have all three pages displayed in your Campaign, then they would all need to be converted into image files before uploading.



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