How to send to List A, but exclude those people who also appear on List B


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There was a note on another thread (started in 2007) of the same topic that you planned to have this released by 2012.  To say that your developers have started to work on it is a bit laughable.  Is this really being worked on and do you think it will be completed before it hits the decade mark?


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Ladies and gentleman, we have a solution. First, you can accomplish this using tags, but that feature is only available if you have less than 10,000 contacts. For those who have more than that, here are test steps to send to List A, but exclude those people who also appear on List B:

  1. Copy List A, creating "List A to Be Filtered"
  2. Go to contact management, Select List B
  3. Click select all
  4. Click manage lists
  5. Click remove from lists,
  6. Then in the pop up, I click on "List A to Be Filtered", and click on remove.
  7. Send to "List A to Be Filtered"
  8. Do a happy dance.
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Re: Excluding recipients: A Real Solution!



I just called about this because I didn't like hte messiness of the solution above. This one is much easier. Here are the steps:


1. Copy the main list

2. Go to the second list and select all the contacts

3. Click "Add Emails to List"

4. Deselect your copy of the main list

5. Hit Apply and you're done!


Much tidier!


Excluding recipients

Hi Avi,


I tried the method you suggested, which looked promisong - especially the "Voila!" Part, but got bogged down at step 3 ("Go back into the Contacts > click on Remove list"), and could go no further.


I don't understand that step ... So no Voila! for me yet.


Could you please expand, or even add a screen-shot.


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Re: Excluding recipients

Hello @Jamazio , 


I would be happy to help you further with this issue. It looks as if you were replying to someone that had sent you instructions; however I cannot see the previous correspondence.  Can you tell me what you are trying to do?  Are you trying to remove contacts from a specific list, all lists or from the account?  This FAQ might be helpful to you.  If this does not answer your questions, please respond with some more information or possibly the steps you were given previously so we can better assist you.  




Re: Excluding recipients

I wrote a message to my General list, and created two additional customized versions to send to two small subsets of the list. It was easy to create lists for the smaller groups, and send the customized email to them.

In order to send the email to the rest of the general list, I.e. not including the list of the sub-groups, the procedure I found suggested

1. making a copy of the entire General List
2. Remove the subgroup lists from the copied list
3. Send the generic version of the email to the thus-reduced General List
4. Discard the copy of the General List.

I could not find a way to bulk-remove the members of the subgroups, so resorted to removing them manually one-by-one. Fortunately there were only 30 in this case, but I know I won't be so lucky with my next campaign.

It would be so easy if CC had the capacity to specify send to [List A - Lists B and C].

Most other systems can do this, and there are several references to CC considering it, or proposing to, but nothing seems to have materialized

The suggested approach feels like a very clunky work-around.

Please clarify the steps to bulk-remove records from (only) the copy Main List.

Please prod the people looking at the professional-like solution and let's get it working like it could.

Being able to deliver tailored messages to segments of the general List is a basic requirement for professional marketing communications.
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Hi @Jamazio 


It sounds like the best option we have for you is to use our Tagging feature. With the tagging feature, you don't need to create a copy of your original list and then remove contacts from it. It's much easier than the remove feature we used to have in this case. 


Please note: You can add tags to your contacts individually within your account or you can do this upon Import. 


This way you can have your full list - Tag A, Tag B, Tag C.


Upon scheduling your email, you can select General List  - narrow it down to Tag A,  then for Tag B and then do the same for Tag C.  See instructions here. This will only send to Tag A, and so forth.


Then if you want to remove those Tagged contacts from a specific list you can do this:


  • Open Contacts
  • Scroll to the Tags
  • Click on the tag of the contacts you wish to remove from a specific list
  • When the tag is open & you see the contacts > check the box to select all at the top
  • Click on Add to Email Lists
  • Uncheck the lists you don't want these tagged contacts on
  • Click Apply

Please let me know if that makes sense and if there's anything else we can help you with! 

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Re: Excluding recipients

This isn't a bad way to specifically target tagged lists within lists, but Constant Contact REALLY needs to be able to EXCLUDE certain tagged lists as well. 



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Re: Excluding recipients



CC has been saying the developers are working on this since 2007.  C'mon.  It should not take a decade to implelemt a simple rudementary exclusion feature. 


1) Select list(s)

2) Deselect (exclude) anyone from #1 manually or by tag. (for this one email).  







Re: Excluding recipients

Is this still not possible without duplicating the list and removing people from it??????

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