How to send to List A, but exclude those people who also appear on List B

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Re: How do I send a mailing from one list - excluding those that are members in another?

Hello @KirstenP73,


- To add or remove contacts from a list, you will start by going to your "Contacts" page and clicking on the list that you want to remove from your Main List. You will then go select the check box next to the word "Name"


After you select the checkbox next to "Name", you click "Manage Lists", you will click "Remove From Lists" and it will take those contacts off of the list you select.



You can click here to see a step by step as well. 


- If you are sending to both lists and there is overlap, the system is smart enough to recognize duplicates and even if they are on both lists and you send out the email, the person will only receive the email one time. 

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