How was this padding added?

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HI all,


I inherited the CC account from previous employees, and I've been reviewing some of the templates and previous campaigns they've made.


I found this one and I'm flummoxed. How did they:

  1. Round the content box edge
  2. Add padding around most of the content boxes. (I checked, they are not placed as images; they're editable) The banner I get--PNG file with a drawn shadow and transparent background to give the illusion of depth--but how did they make all the other content boxes indented?

I suspect this was a custom HTML deal. I'm hoping I've just missed an advanced editor in the CC system or something.




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Hi @WeAreOCUL,


Your observations are correct. They are using a specific template designed by our template design team. Those specific features are not available in that editor. It looks like they were using the Birthday Banner template and made some edits as far as color, background pattern, etc. 

Nick S.
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No thank u