Html Illegal Characters


Html Illegal Characters

Using the Advanced Editor I imported html but cannot preview or save because I get the following error messageis: "


You need to provide additional information. Please correct the errors below and try again.

Constant Contact does not support certain illegal characters. To continue, please change the following characters: … …"


I went back and took out all occurances of ... but still get the same error message.


Any suggestions?


(According to the Advanced Editor's Users Guide the message is supposed to indicate the line on which the problem exists, but it does not.)


Hi @DavidT956


Sorry to hear about that, but I hope we can help resolve this for you. 


I took a look in your account and wasn't able to replicate the error messaging because it looks like all occurrences of "..." have indeed been removed. What generally occurs when html code with three separate dots (...) is copied and pasted into the editor is that it becomes an ellipsis, a single character which our system won't recognize. To avoid that you can delete all "..." from the copied and pasted code and then manually re-enter the "..." into the code from within the editor itself. 


The advanced editor should identify the cause of the error messaging, in this case the ellipsis. Then you would have to highlight the illegal character directly from the error message inside Constant Contact, copy it, click inside the editor, and use CTRL+F to find all occurrences of the illegal character in the code. Once those are identified and deleted you should be able to click save and return without seeing the error for the ellipsis. 


Are those the same steps that you took when you continued to receive the error? If so, and you continued to receive the same error messaging, please let us know so we can take a deeper look into this for you. 


I hope that helps!


Natalie B.
Social Media Marketing Manager