I am having trouble trying to edit a saved document. Help!


I am having trouble trying to edit a saved document. Help!

When I get to the edit screen, I click text and then in large writing on top of my email, says double click.  I double click on the email and I get a small window but I'm not taken to the text that I want to edit.  Help!


Hey there @LyndaB288 ,


Can you elaborate a bit on what you mean by editing a document? Are you talking about a .doc or .pdf file you've uploaded into our system? Are you talking about the image we automatically generate of the first page of those documents? Or are you referring to just a standard text block in the editor?


Any documents that you wish to turn into your email (for example a pdf of a template designed in Photoshop, Publisher, or a similar program), will need to have their final edits done in the outside program itself. Once it's converted into a pdf, there's nothing that can be done to edit it, including in our system.


When a document such as a pdf or Word doc is inserted into an email campaign, it either needs to be in an image format, or needs to be a link to the document - neither of which can have their text edited in our system.


If it's using the standard text block in our system, you're free to do whatever text editing you want (size, font, color, alignment, line spacing, etc.)

William D
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