I am not happy

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I am not happy

This has been a bad experience so far. Originally, I uploaded 498 contacts with multiple fields. I didn't want to use those. I deleted it and tried to upload correct data. The site keeps re-uploading the old data that was deleted. I've tried different browsers. This has been useless for me so far.

Re: I am not happy

Hi @JamesM0285

Thanks for posting, I am sorry to hear of your experience. Once information is part of these contacts the system is designed to update rather than delete if the field is blank. Can you tell me more about the information you don't want? While importing you will want to choose "Do Not Import" as the label for the fields you don't want included moving forward.


Are the contacts all in lists you want them in as it is now? Ideally would you like to delete the information from each contact or just leave it and make sure that you are updating the fields you want to use?



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