I cant get access to a second business using Constant contact for designing email blasts.

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I am a designer who is currently working with  on your platform to build email blasts and has worked well. His brother  who owns an entirely separate company has asked me to do the same type of work for him. He sent me an invite to his page but when filling out the form for name and password, it says my email address is already taken. I'm assuming thats because I am working with 

Can you help me get on to  so I can start designing his email blasts without losing access to ?

A quick response will be much appreciated.

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Hello @EricF0404 ,


I re-sent the invite for the second account, however you're not showing as an active user on the first account. I did find an old expired trial for your email address, which I've updated the username so it won't be the same as your email. Try using the link in the re-sent invitation to submit your login info for the second account. If you're unable to get setup, I'd advise calling our general support so they can provide securer, live troubleshooting.

William A
Community & Social Media Support