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I may need to pay you by bank transfer


I may need to pay you by bank transfer

Hello, I live in Vietnam and it is difficult to send money out and dangerous to use credit cards. I will go to Thailand next week and try a payment to you using my Thai credit card. If that does not work can I pay by bank transfer? If I can could you please send me a note on how to do this. Thank you

Hello @MichaelF516 , 


We do not have the ability to accept bank transfers. We accept monthly payments and pre-payments via credit card.  The other option available to you is to pay by check. In order to do a check payment you would have to use one of our pre-pay options of 6 or 12 months.  If you send us the check we then put a credit on your account for you.  Here is more information if you would like to pay by check.