I thought creative mail and constant contact was the same company???

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I have a creative mail account setup through my wordpress website and I tried to login to my constant contact account with same email and everything and its coming back saying I need to pay **bleep** I JUST PAID WITH CREATIVE MAIL AND NON OF MY CONTACTS ARE HERE OR NOTHING


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Hello @MarketerL6167,


I do apologize for any inconvenience but that company is going to be connected to us, but not the same product or billing. You will want to upgrade your Constant Contact account to a paid service in order to have access to email marketing. Thank you! 

Zoe H.
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So what you are saying is that they are not the same thing?  I have Constant Contact paid account AND creative mail.  I thought they were both just tools for email management but if I understand you reply correctly they are completely separate things.  Should I just delete the creative mail and just deal with my paid constant contact account?  These seem like they are just there to give your customers a headache not add more tools.  But creative mail has been more user friendly for me up to this point.  



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Hello @JaimieP40 ,


The Creative Mail app was developed by the same 3rd party developers that made the Website Builder integration, and functions as a lighter version of our services. If you're already paying for a regular Constant Contact account, then you won't need a Creative Mail account at all. You can get in touch with CM's support via their main Wordpress integration page.


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William A
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