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I want clients to be able to RSVP for an event emailed out is there a way to do this and how do i tag for face book and website?

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Disappointed re: Resending invite to Non-Registrants

I was disappointed when I realized I could not schedule my event to go out several times.

I was even more disappointed when I called customer service and learned there is no function to simply resend an event invitation to those that have not rsvp'd - the only way to do that is to email non-responders which makes you start from scratch and reformat an invitation which is too time consuming.  Not having this simple feature makes the program completely useless. 


Customer service gave another option - download the list of nonresponders, create a new list, copy the original event and send to the new list - but who really wants to have all these different contact lists?  different rsvp lists? 

Extremely disappointed that Constant Contact would launch a program that doesn't have this very common sense function.  

I will be calling to cancel over the next few days.

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Re: Disappointed re: Resending invite to Non-Registrants

We have also reported the need for this several times. EventSpot should facilitate event management and this is one of the key issues. Unfortunately they are very slow in updating this module.


Re: Disappointed re: Resending invite to Non-Registrants


Thanks for expressing your feedback on this topic.  We understand that this is an important topic and we are working to have this be available soon. Unfortunately I am not able to give an idea of exact timeframe but I am happy to include your comments and feedback on this idea.

Currently the workarounds are as you mentioned. You can create the new list and re-send or create a new email. You can always delete lists after the email is sent if you would like to keep your account organized. Also, if you decide to create a new email make sure you check out this FAQ on how to copy your email. This will prevent you from re-creating from scratch.


Thanks again for your posts,

Hannah M.
Community and Social Media Support

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Re: Disappointed re: Resending invite to Non-Registrants

Hi everyone, thanks for sending this feedback over.  I wanted to let you know that we are currently working on this!  I cant tell you dates just yet, but I can say that this is our #1 customer pain point and it is being fixed ASAP.  I know its painful, but stick with us and it will be fixed.


Along with fixing the "resend event emails" issue, we are also working on the following:


  • new visual design for your registration form (just went live, go check out your reg form, you'll notice we cleaned up the fees, items and field labels.  Hope you love it!)
  • Promo codes (access codes and discount codes)
  • "Private events"
  • new event check in app for iOS and Android.  iOS version is live (and iPad compatible)! Android version coming this later this month

Thank you again Shelly and others, we are working fast and furious to make this product awesome.  Thank you all for using us.  Keep the feedback coming!


Jim Mariano

EventSpot Product Manager


Re: Disappointed re: Resending invite to Non-Registrants

Jim that is great. We've been a solution provider for 7 years. We think we can sell a lot of Event Spot but needs the fixes. How about the ability to select from other themes as well as other designs? Some of the newer designs in Email Templates are far more Web 2.0 oriented. The UI can be greatly enhanced, for example have to leave Event Spot to see email metrics. Certainly the followup sending to non-registereds but also followup to those registering (which requires new theme, as spelled out above. Can you give any predicti on dates at all?

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Re: Disappointed re: Resending invite to Non-Registrants

What about the editor? When will we get the same editing capabilities as in Email? Choices of separators/backgrounds/etc.?

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Re: Disappointed re: Resending invite to Non-Registrants

Sorry, the 'belinda' moniker was mine, I sent from a client account. :(



where are my rsvp's listed?
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Re: replies

Hello @ChooseConverse 


Thank you for posting! I noticed on your account that you have your RSVP's going to a linked email address. Did you know about our EventSpot feature? We offer Eventspot as a professional way to promote and manage any kind of event you may be running. You can create customized invitations, accept registrations and also process payments if your event has any fees involved. I would suggest taking a look at this EventSpot FAQ to read more about it: EventSpot Features.


Since you do ask your readers to RSVP to an email address you mentioned, I noticed the email address is set as a clickable link. When I clicked on this link, a completely different email address populated under the To address field and not the email address you have typed out in your email. So that could also be why you may or may not be receiving these emails. Your replies would go directly to the inbox of the email address that you provided if a reader were to click on this link to RSVP. We would not have a way to see how many replied, who replied or where these went unfortunately. Here's an FAQ on how you can add or edit the mailto link: Add a mailto link to an email


Let us know if you have any additional questions! 



Amber Royal
Community & Social Media Support

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