I would like to have a "pop up" signup form

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I would like to have a "pop up" signup form

The only option is the basic form which only shows up as a button. I have nowhere to add this to my store other than at the footer or as a link. Pop-ups are the standard practice now.

Hello @ErelB62


We do not have code available for a pop up form; however you can get the embed code for a sign up form.  If you are looking for something with more functionality like popping up, I would recommend checking out the Marketplace for an Application that might help or a partner who might be able to code something for you.  



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Thank you for your response. From what I can tell the "embed HTML" does pop up. The standard HTML only shows a submit button. It would be nice to have a regular form too that can be added to "about us" etc.



I don't follow you, you asked for a pop up window.

The link can be text as well as the button you see.





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Here is an example that we did for a client.



When you get to the page click on the button that the arrow points to.