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For the fourth or fifth time, Constant Contact has sent out incorrect emails on behalf of our company. We double/triple check all aspects of our emails before we send them out to our distribution lists, and yet Constant Contact continues to change what we save and send old, incorrect information. Please advise how and when you will fix this issue so we do not have to change providers. thank you. Kristy Duncan CEO, Women in Payments


Hi @KristyD07,


Thank you for reaching out to us through the Community. I am sorry that you have  been experiencing this issue. I would like to investigate this further for you and also take it up to our upper support, but I would need some more information. If you can, please reply to the questions below by emailing us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com:


1. Name of campaign

2. Time of editing & saving (with time zone)
3. Email copied from (if copied)
4. Browser & Version?
5. Server editing on?
6. Did you have the email open in more than one browser?
7. Was more than one person in the email at the same time?
8. Were you working on a wireless or a wired connection?
9. What was the last couple changes the customer did to the email?
10. What are you editing? 
11. Blocks? What kind? 
12. Are you hitting global save or not?
13. Did the changes not save on creation flow or were you editing an existing email?


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