Image Issues


Image Issues

I used to be able to wrap text around the images. Now in this new version it doesn't work. Why? Also, now my image by itself defaults to center alignment when I need my image left aligned. Where is the alignment option?

Hi @ToniHarris


Those are great questions, and I'd be happy to explain what's going on. At this time our new 3GE editor does not have have the ability to wrap text around images. I am not aware of a timeframe in which this might be implemented, but I would be happy to let you know of any developments once I hear of them. With the new 3GE editor the images can't be aligned in the same manner that they could with the older editor. If you'd like an image on the left side of the block then you could use a block that has an image already shown on the left, like this:

align left.png

And then you can include any text that you'd like on the right, or even drag another image block to the right side instead. 


I hope that helps, but if not I would greatly appreciate any detailed feedback you'd be willing to provide so that I can make sure to pass it along to our developers for you. 



Natalie B.
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