Image in an unloaded word document

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Image in an unloaded word document

I want to cut and paste an image from a word document that I created that has several different articles and images for my client. I can simply copy the image and paste it into the prototype newsletter. What an I doing wrong?
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Re: Image in an unloaded word document

Hi @NancyR462


Thank you for your question! I'm happy to help.


If you have an image within a word document, you'll want to save the image to your computer. Then upload it to your Library with us.

You can either right-click (ctrl click on a MAC) and save as image or you can take a screenshot and save it as an image on your computer. Here's a great piece that we wrote on screenshots.


Once you've uploaded the image to your Library, you can then insert it into your email.


Hope that helps!

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