Images not displaying while building campaign

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Images not displaying while building campaign

I'm having trouble with my images while building my campaign. When I send a test email, the images are there, but I am unable to change the images and see the layout when I build the campaign. 


I've tried Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. All have the same issue. I've cleared cached data to see if that helped solve the problem, to no avail. I also tried a coworkers computer just to make sure it had nothing to do with my Mac (she uses a PC). Still, same issue. 


This seems to be a problem with the Constant Contact program itself. How can I solve this?


Hey @KennethO4,


Thank you for reaching out to us! I really appreciate you giving us all those troubleshooting steps. I do have a few more troubleshooting steps for you to try! First, when you tried using a different computer were you on the same internet network as before? For instance, the work network verses your home network. We have seen it be an issue of internet provider before in the past. 


My second question is, can you see the images in your library or images tab in the campaign? Or are you just not able to see them when placed in the campaign itself? 


Thank you so much for your time! 


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