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I just downloaded an image but when I insert it into a newsletter it comes in sideways and there is no link to rotate it. There is no way to contact Constant Contact on weekends which is ridiculous. There should be an easily seen link to do this.
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Hello @FerrariAZ ,


You can easily change images' orientations via the image editor, available in the Library and when working in the email editor. 


If you're still seeing your images sideways after rotating them, consider clearing your browser's cache (just cached images and files, not passwords or cookies), then exiting / quitting your browser, then reopening and returning to the site. This should result in your correctly rotated images appearing on your end.


We have weekend support available, including Community and social media DMs on Sundays. If you need reminders of our available support channels and their hours of operation, make sure to check our main contact support page


All of this info can be found within your account, under the Help tab in the top navigation bar.

William A
Community & Social Media Support