Immediate clicks after sending

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Immediate clicks after sending

Good afternoon,


I'm wondering if anyone can help. It's becoming difficult to trust my click through lists due to the fact that in many cases I get examples of all employees at a certain company seem to click on all the links possible, all with the same time stamp. Same goes for some individuals. It started as only a few but is now getting hard to tell who has really clicked on anything. 
At first I thought it must be some sort of error with the customer company email systems but how would constant contact read automatic things as actual clicks?


Anyone else have the same issue?

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Hello everyone!


Our devs have just improved our system to detect which clicks come from humans versus those from programs or bots, so we can give you a more accurate picture of your contacts' engagement with your emails. Once this change is turned on in your account, you may notice a decrease in your open and click reporting going forward, but you can have confidence that the opens and clicks reflect your contacts' actions. Any campaigns sent after will reflect this change in reporting.


One thing to note is that for the vast majority of your contacts, they won't notice any difference. The system will be sensing for Javascript as a means to determine if the little warning redirect page should appear. Bots are extremely unlikely to continue past this re-direct page, meaning they won't go through the rewritten tracking link, and thus won't affect the click reporting. Actual humans should have Java going in the background regardless, meaning that they shouldn't see the redirect page. If they do, they can easily click the button there to continue to where you've linked to (resulting in a click report).


We've already begun rolling out this updated system, and if everything goes smoothly, we'll have every account updated relatively soon. To check if you're setup for the new reporting system, or to opt-in early, please call our general support line so they can securely confirm the permissions access for your account and opt you into it.


Thank you all for your patience while our devs got this built and tested.

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I have to agree, this is extremely frustrating for our business. We reach out to users and they say, I've never clicked on your links. We just paid over $2000 again and I think we are concerned that our emails aren't even being opened. Is there a way to get a refund and take my business elsewhere?

This glitch is a real issue. I just called in and was told this still has not been resolved. At the very least, anyone who appears to click on EVERY single link in an email should be filtered out. Very disappointing that this hasn't been fixed by now at least in part. It makes the "who clicked on the email" data useless.

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Same problem here for us - needs to be fixed or the reporting is useless.  Thanks.

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I would like to be added to the list of people that receives notification of the fix. This is a HUGE concern for me as my marketing department looks at these opens and clicks as potential customers and Constant Contact offers the ability to send them an email but that makes us look really stupid if they never did click on the link.

This is really frustrating issue and makes me question the value of paying for Constant Contact. Please add me to the list of people to notify once a fix has been implemented. Until then, your stats are useless, making it impossible for me to report correct data to my executive team.

Ditto, we are using another email marketing system and they are going through the same thing. They say they have it as a feature request but nothing has been done. We were thinking about moving to constant contact but seeing they are having the same issue. 


I can't imagine why you cant simply just ignore the first clicks within the first 5 minutes of an email being sent and report that.  That would greatly make the reporting more accurate since these auto clicks happen immediately as they get the email.


Are there any updates on this?

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Any update on this? The platform has little to no value if there isn't accurate click data. 

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By the way, for anyone reading this, this is our solution for now, which is dumb work around that doesn't solve the problem, but at least helps show the effect:


Second Solution: Add a hidden link, which is not visible to a human being but a bot or a firewall, that can easily track it. Add a check inside your campaign not to send an alert for any lead who clicks on that link. It can be a little tricky as well, if the visibility check fails in any email client. The false link will be visible to a human being, resulting in the failure of the campaign.

Reporting is useless especially when you base follow up on "Opens" and "Clicks".  Email campaigning is beginning to drop down the B2B effective marketing list.

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Add My Company to the list as well. 

We are experiencing the same issue. 

Real Estate


I have noticed that all emails I have sent out over the last couple of weeks have an extremely increased click rate.  Now, don't get me wrong, I would love to believe this is accurate information, however when I look at the actual clicks, it looks like our recipients are clicking on three links per email - and all three are the same. It's very strange and I think there may be a bug in your coding.

Example: Many of the clicks on our most recent campaign were for the actual link we wanted them to click (call to action) but also they all clicked on the one icon to go to our "Linked In" page... Rarely does anyone visit our Linked In page, let alone click the links in our emails. Can someone please look at this and determine whether it's a faulty cookie or tracking link?
Thank you.

Hello @Marisa_M ,


We're glad to see you actively checking your engagement. Typically, if some or all of the links in an email show as being clicked at the exact same time - especially immediately after the sendout - this would be a security program performing an action that erroneously triggers the link as being "clicked."


Based on what we're seeing, the social media links do all appear to have been "clicked" on the same day, same time, right at the time of the sendout, same as some of the document clicks. These erroneous clicks seem isolated to two specific domains. All in all that would mean it's those domains' security programs "clicking" the links to check that they're safe. Unfortunately this is something that those specific programs do, so our tracking system is unable to differentiate those robo-clicks compared to natural contact clicks.


On a positive note, the majority of domains don't employ security programs that trigger this. Our engineers are looking into ways to see if this can be possibly mitigated on our end, without excluding legitimate clicks that occur for contacts that do open and click through emails right away. I got your case submitted to their queue so that if and when they have an update, they'll make sure to notify you.

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Very interesting, thank you for the reply and that information. 

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Do you have a real solution for this? I have been reporting this issue to your team for several months now, and I still have inflated click rates. This really should be as simple as creating an algorithm that identifies when everyone from one company clicks every link all at the same time, and giving me the option to filter those out from my reports. Is there a timeline for a solution to this?


Perhaps my industry is different, but the claim that "the majority of domains don't employ security programs that trigger this" is not true for my contact database. If I can't get correct reporting from Constant Contact, I am going to have to recommend a different service for my company.

Hi @ASTCCadmin. Depending on the industry, your contacts may have stricter security guidelines set up by their email provider. While I do not have a timeline or information to share, we've noted this request on your account and if there are any updates to our reporting, you will be notified. 

Caitlin M.
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Right, this has been an issue for a very long time!

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I am having this same issue. We are getting a TON of "clicks" on our emails, but they are clearly not accurate numbers. The clicks all happen at the exact same time. I have contacted you guys about this once before and would really like to see a fix for this. Its really discouraging that we cannot get an accurate rate here because this happens with every campaign we send.

Hi @RachelM784 


I can certainly understand why the reporting numbers being skewed would be frustrating. I have added you to the list to be notified as we receive more information on what is likely causing this. Please feel free to reach out if you have questions. Have a great day!

Adrienne B.
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Is there any update on this? We are now noticing it as an issue with one of our large local employers, skewing a normal 4-7% CTR to 22% for an email sent yesterday.

@UWYork - Thanks for asking, we are due for an update on this thread. We have a potential solution that we are currently testing out with a small group of customers. Once we're able to confirm it works as expected we'll be able to roll it out to a wider audience. I don't have an exact ETA yet since it will ultimately depend on the results we see. I'll bookmark this thread so I can provide an update next time I hear one.