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Why is it that I've some messages being delivered to incorrect addresses?  I've some messages that are attempting to be delivered to variations of a valid contact address.  For example, if the correct address is, it is often trying to deliver to  Any thoughts?  I've searched for the incorrect address and have confirmed it's not listed.

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Hi @EMJC. Looking at your account, I'm not seeing either address listed nor are they showing in reporting. I see a few addresses with the same domain and maybe one that could be a role address (the EMJC address) but I'm not completely sure if that's the case. Are either of these addresses considered addresses that would receive an email from the role address? Or could you show a screenshot of either of the addresses in your reporting or contact lists?


Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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Hi.  My apologies.  I was providing an example, but not the complete actual email address.  A specific, real address for which I have repeatedly received delivery notification failures is  It is in the list.  It has been repeatedly attempted as  I don't think the emails are spam.  They are originating from "", but am not 100% sure.  I've included a screenshot of the message body below (I ultimately rec'd a failure, as well).  But, again, the primary question is whether the platform is messing up the addresses (there are multiple) or is it something else I'm seeing.  Thank you!





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Hi @EMJC , 


That looks like an automated response that was sent out confirming their registration when they signed up via the form inside of your email campaign - the email you sent out through Constant Contact uses a third-party form. My guess would be that they are mistyping their email address into that form, hence the undeliverable notification, but I would advise reaching out to that third-party to confirm. Their email in Constant Contact is accurate, otherwise they wouldn't be able to fill out that form at all. You can also feel free to check the engagement history for that specific contact to confirm that they are being received/opened. 

Amanda G.
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