Incorrect unsubscribed contacts

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Incorrect unsubscribed contacts

Hello, We are receiving multiple complaints from people saying they don't receive our e-mails anymore even though they did not unsubscribe. One person has even been unsubscribed twice in the last month and is very certain she did not do this herself. What can we do about this? Our emailadress: Kind regards, Paul Storms

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Hello @Joyced81060,

We know that it can be frustrating losing your contacts without that contacts request. Many times the reason a contact becomes un-subscribed with no action is when that contact forwards their email.


Since the email was originally sent to the original contact's email address, if that contact forwards that information to another person without that forwarded contact's permission, that new recipient may consider that email as spam or un-wanted information they did not request.


This will usually cause that recipient to use the safe un-subscribe link at the bottom of every email. If they do that, the original contact will actually be the one that is un-subscribed. That is how usually contacts become un-subscribed without any action what-so-ever. We recommend adding in all of your contacts you would like to send your information to. This helps to keep the information from being forwarded without that person’s permission.


In order to re-add the original contact to your list again they would need to sign up themselves. Due to the CanSpam Act we cannot add back a unsubscribed contact, it is an action they would have to take themselves. But, all they'll need is the URL to your sign up form, and this FAQ will show you how to get that so you can give that to them. 


I hope this is helpful, and please let us know if you need more help. We are here for you!