Incorrectly Updating Contacts


Incorrectly Updating Contacts

I generally add contacts via the "type in or paste contacts" option.  When I do this for a number of new contacts, I sometimes get a message saying, for example, "Import complete. There were 2 contacts added. One contact was updated."  I am afraid the contact that was updated was simply overwriting a current contact with a new email address when I was trying to add a new contact with the same name.  For example, it is highly likely that 2 people named Tina Smith have signed up for my list.  How do I change the setting so it does not update contacts this way?


Hey there @SaraC299,


Thank you for reaching out to us, I'd be happy to provide some insight as to how our contact management system works.


A contact's info is considered unique based on its email address. This is to avoid uploading and sending out to duplicates. For example, if there's two Tina Smiths in your contacts, as long as they have separate emails, they're considered separate contacts. When you upload an email that's already in our system, we simply look to see if it's being uploaded with new contact field info (i.e. First Name, Last Name, Street Address, Cell Phone, etc.), and then update that info accordingly. Otherwise the email address (and thus the contact) remains as it was.


If you upload the email address on its own, our system will simply detect it's already in there and include it as an "updated" contact, without changing the rest of the info attached.


You can find more information on updating contacts and other helpful links by checking out our article on the topic. If you've any more questions or concerns, feel free to reply here or create a new thread and we'd be happy to assist!

William D
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