Increased frequency of blocked links

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Increased frequency of blocked links

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been getting a higher frequency of responses from recipients that they are getting my emails but are unable to open the pdf document through the link in the email. These are paying subscribers and are getting quite annoyed with the blockages. I don't really blame them. The following is a typical response.


Hello, hope all is well.


I wanted to let you know that our technology department has identified Constant Contact, the webpage used to host your newsletters, as unsafe due to known distribution of malicious documents.  This is not your fault, apparently hackers have found a way to take advantage of the site/host.


As such, we have now blocked employees from accessing your newsletters.


This is a new problem for this recipient company but I've had a number of these crop up in the past 2-3 weeks from other subscribers. This is different than the regular blacklist problems that crop up from time to time.


Is there any solution if they're not willing to relax their security?



Hi @ChuckP23 


I can understand how important it is for contacts to not only receive your email, but also successfully read it and any links/documents you’ve included. Links in a Constant Contact email go through the URL in order to be recorded as a "click" in your campaign reporting. We have seen cases where the tracking link can end up on a block list for a specific security software program or ISP for a variety of reasons. This is however something members of support like myself and more importantly our Compliance team is happy to troubleshoot. Having your contacts whitelist Constant Contact in your security settings is a step we suggest when troubleshooting. There have been times where making this update has helped. However if whitelisting does not change their experience we then ask for following details:


- Are they on a home or work network?
- When did this issue begin occurring?
- Are live sends affected or only test sends?
- What is the name and version of the security product being used?


More information on the security software flagging these links is important information along with their original message header. Please feel free to send these details through email to social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com. Steps to accessing the message header of an email can be found under the Mail Servers or Firewalls section of this Help Center article.

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