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Can an inline form be added on a website in order for people to sign up (on website) and be added to CC contacts list?
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Hello @user0093476 ,


Yes, inline forms are a type of coded form available in accounts whose codes can be installed into websites.


I'd recommend following along with this article on creating inline forms, when building your first one. After you've published it, make sure to follow this guide to make sure you're grabbing the necessary elements - the universal code and inline code. That article will also have instructions for some of the more popular website builders, and also make note of certain site builders that don't accept outside scripting (including the forms' codes).


If you're using a site builder that doesn't accept outside coding, you might be able to find an integration that's been developed by us or a separate company to connect your Constant Contact account with that site builder. You could also go with a standard landing page sign up form, which can be easily added to any site as a simple hyperlink.

William A
Community & Social Media Support