Insert a video into an email

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I put the correct Vimeo link to insert a video. I also connected my Vimeo account.. and Im still getting this message: "Oops! We can't find that link. Check the URL or reach out to our support team for more information." The URL is accurate
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Hello @S3_AeroDefense ,


For some troubleshooting:

  • Have you checked the settings for the Vimeo video to see if there's anything that would be keeping it from being fully public?
  • Is there any coding in its share url that can be removed (i.e. a ? followed by a bunch of other letters, numbers, and symbols)?
  • Does the URL on its own open in an incognito / private browser without requiring you to login?
  • Are you able to insert the URL as a link (text, image, or button), and have it open in an incognito tab without error, or without having to login first?

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William A
Community & Social Media Support