Inserting a Youtube Link

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We are trying to implement a youtube link into the header of our website. Sadly this function is not working due to the video being set on "not listed".

This cannot be changed because the video should not be available to the public. After being published the website (and therefore also the video) will only be send to a specific target audience hence the need for the private status. 


Any ideas how we could still implement the video on the website? Uploading it directly onto the program is not an option?


Thank you in advance for any helpful tips.

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Hello @HeatherR555 ,


Due to how YouTube's API works with unlisted videos, there are some sections of the Website Builder where the link will not be accessible. The video will either need to be made public, or it'll need to be linked elsewhere on your site. If you need further assistance, I'd advise reaching out to the Website Builder's support team.

William A
Community & Social Media Support