Inserting a survey into an email

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I created a simple multiple choice survey that I want to put into an email.. using a button I added to my email that says "Click here to take survey".  I  cut and pasted the survey URL onto the button, but when I send a test, clicking the survey button in the email does not take me to the survey.  what am I doing wrong?

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Hello @MargaretF826 ,


Since including a survey page link in an email will code it for the sake of tracking contact info, it won't function exactly as expected in an email preview / test send. Similar to including greeting tags, contact details, or dynamic content, it will only function as expected when sent in a live email. As long as you've pasted the survey page's URL into the text, image, or button link exactly as given, then you shouldn't encounter any errors when live sending. If you're particularly concerned, you can do a live send of the email to just yourself (or other contacts in a "TEST LIST" that are okay with testing), to see the link function as it would in an actual sendout to your contacts.

William A
Community & Social Media Support