Inserting a table

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Inserting a table

Since the new format has rolled out, I have not been able find any buttons to insert a table into my newsletter. My work around was to create an image of the table in Word then insert the image, but it came out 'fuzzy' because I had to stretch the image to fit the newsletter. Is there something I am missing?


Hello @JoshH95739 ,


At this time, since tables are not mobile-compatible, they aren't available as their own system in the email builder. You'll either need to link to a spreadsheet or use a screencap. If it's a fairly simple table of just words, you could potentially use text blocks stacked beside and on top of each other.


I've made sure to mark your account for interest in the potential development of a mobile-compatible table block. If and when the engineers have an update on such a system, they'll make sure to notify you.

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We have the same problem. We send out two monthly emails with charts that have 5+ columns and up to 20 rows. I tried doing the 5 text block stack, but that looks really weird, especially with text wrapping, no ability to put dividing lines between, makes the email unnecessarily loooooong...essentially, that's not an option.


My work around sounds similar: taking our Word document (with the formatted table), saving it as a PDF, then opening the PDF in Photoshop and saving that as a JPG, then importing the JPG to CC and dropping it into the email and stretching it to fit. As you said, it's fuzzy, not to mention ALL THOSE OTHER STEPS.


I get that tables are not mobile-friendly, but our reporting shows that a majority of our customers (75% +) open our messages on desktop computers.


It would be nice to have a way to fix this. Oh, and *basic* HTML editing capabilities would be something to bring back from Editor V2.

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Karen agree with everything you're written.

The 2nd gen editor allowed a lot more freedom with tables and am disappointed that the time is near when that capability will be killed.

I have the same issue  with large tables and want a table in the email.    I do add a link to a pdf of the table but want to have the data in  the actual email.

Here is my work around.....

Since the original is in excel I simply grab that with all the formating of cell colours, fonts and borders  etc the way I want them and "paste as a picture" into powerpoint.  Once in powerpoint I can grab a corner handle and enlarge the image - often way beyond the slide size.  I then click on the image and save as a picture and have decent resolution image for insertion into the CC email.   Once in the CC email I can enlarge to fit the width and that has worked for us.  I've tried using word but the margins and the way word handles images always confuses me ... close to text, through text options etc.  Powerpoint allows me to enlarge the image way beyond the size of the slide.  My pricing table has 5 columns and about 60 to 70 rows depending on the week - the printable pdf is 3 pages long!