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I am on my computer all day long, and the only time I ever have trouble with my internet explorer is when I'm in Constant Contact. While in the process of creating invites it repeatedly keeps "not responding" and restarting. Very frustrating!!!!

Hi @KuehnSH


I'm sorry to hear that you were having difficulty loading your event's invitaitons. We've had some reports of other users experiencing the same trouble within their IE browsers.


Could you try the following:


  • Load your browser in InPrivate Mode: - Click Tools > InPrivate Browsing
  • Once that new window loads, please try working within your account and see if you still have freezing

If that works, close that IE window and open a brand new one normally.

Then you will want to click on Tools > Manage Addons and disable them one at a time until the product works.. 

Another fix that we found was clearing your cache/cookies in your browser. 


Please let us know if any of those help to resolve this for you.