Is there a more efficient way to add tags?

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Is there a more efficient way to add tags?

I'm in the process of segmenting one of my lists by tagging.  Do I really have to go through screen after screen of 50 contacts each and guess based on the small amount of info that is displayed?  Is there a way to view everything, including which tags are already applied to each contact?  I have no way of knowing if I've already tagged someone!  This is going to take me a week!  




Hello @writing-rabbit,


Welcome to the Community! I can understand why you would want a fast and efficient way to complete the task ahead of you. There is no way to view the tag info of a contact when viewing a list of contacts. This is great feedback, though, and I will happily pass it to the right department on your behalf.


That said, I think a good way to save you time would be to export your list of contacts (where you can include which tags they are already associated with) and then continue the work from a spreadsheet. This way you have all the information available to you and can go down the tag column and add it to each contact without forgetting who you already tagged.


Once you're done you can reimport the spreadsheet to the list and the contacts will be updated with the correct tags. 


First you want to select all the contacts in the list you are trying to segment and hit "Export" at the top of the list.




Then you want to select all the fields you would like to export to a column in the spreadsheet. This is where you would check "Tag."




Once you open the file you will be able to see where you left off with tagging your contacts and continue from there.

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It is kind of unbelievable that 3 years later we still do not have the ability to filter lists by tags. This is soooo inefficient, yet easy for you to add as a filtering component.

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Leaving constant contact for this reason alone