Is there a way to insert a video from Indiegogo into Constant Contact?

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Are none of the crowdsourcing videos allowed in Constant Contact?  I work for a small non-profit where a child made a video to raise money for us that we would like to include in our email.  Why is this limited to YouTube and Vimeo? 

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Hello @CarolW57 ,


The video block has to be specifically coded to be able to communicate with the site host to grab thumbnail and other info, which is why it currently only connects with YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia. However bear in mind that it's just a way to pull thumbnail info, place a play button on it, and still end up redirecting to the host site. 


For other video sources on video hosting sites, social media sites, etc. we recommend attaching their URLs to either a text, image, or button. Our main article on inserting videos includes instructions for the alternative. If using the image method, the only thing to keep in mind is maybe trying to get a screencap of your thumbnail with the play button overlaid on it. Beyond that it would function exactly like the video block would.


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