Is there really no solution for Google Analytics? Or am I missing something?


Is there really no solution for Google Analytics? Or am I missing something?



Our nonprofit just switched over from the classic version of to CC to update the look of our emails. We had been tracking all of our site links through GA, and I assumed that this would be something we could continue to do in CC, as it seems much more "together" than the old. I added the GA tracking URLs to the links in the newsletter, and they appear to work in the test emails, and also the web link for the email, but the live / sent email has stripped the tracking code. All of the information in the Knowledge Base (apparently updated Jan 2017) doesn't seem to be up to date as it references features that I'm not finding. 


Am I missing something? This is pretty frustrating if I'm not able to track our links, as the traffic from the newsletters is now mixed in with everything else in our GA data. 


Thanks for any help you can offer!


Hello @AlexiaC58. Thanks for coming into the Community! I'm sorry that you are losing your tracking when using Google Analytics. I do have some information that I believe should help you to keep the link tracking for your campaigns. 


A workaround would be to add &utm_content=[Subject Line] or simply &utm_content=email to your inserted link. You can also use a URL shortener to shorten the link that includes the Google Analytics information and then insert this shortened link into your email. This should help to keep the link tracking. Hope this helps!

Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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