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Issue on Resend to Non-Openers


Issue on Resend to Non-Openers

Just a heads up, the 'Resend to Non-Openers' when sending a campaign is acting oddly. I try to choose a date and time, but then on the confirmation section, the time is different. For example, I choose 7:30am, but then it shows sending at 6:05am? It looks like it goes up based on my current time as well... very odd.

Hi @LoganM37. I took a look at your most recent campaign and saw there is a resend to non-openers scheduled for 7:30am. When you scheduled the resend, did you see it set as 7:30am or 6:05am? Or did you schedule a resend after the campaign was already scheduled?

Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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Hello Caitlin,


I was setting the resend reminder during the campaign creation process, not after it was already scheduled. The time I picked during that process is not what it was showing afterwards. See screenshots (I wasn't able to get it to repeat the issue for these examples, so it might be fixed, just wanted to mention it was happening).


Selecting A Resend timeSelecting A Resend time


After selecting 7:30am, it was then showing 6:05am under the 'Additional Options' summary section. It was interesting because at the time it was doing that, it was at the 5 minute mark of the hour. Yet again, it seemed like it was displaying the current, time +/- several hours.


CC - Resend Time Displayed.PNG

This time was showing 6:05am


The resend did end up going out today at 7:35am. So it did seem to stick with what I had chosen during the setup, but added 5 minutes? It isn't doing now when I tested it for the screenshots, but I just wanted to mention it incase other people were also experiencing it as well.


Thank you,