Issue with Bounced Emails


Issue with Bounced Emails

Hello. I’m having an issue with bounced emails. I have recently attempted to send newsletters to my colleagues and myself as a form of test. I understand there is a “preview” function but I wanted to see how it would look after the actual newsletter sendoff. I have made the contact list which includes some of my colleagues and myself. Though I had no trouble sending the “preview” version of the newsletter, I could not send it to myself or my colleagues with the contact list. The newsletter was bounced for the reason of “other”. I suspected that there may be issues with sending the newsletter to myself but why the issue for my colleagues?



Hello XiH3,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community. After taking a look into your account I noticed that your domain might be blocking Constant Contact emails from coming through. Click here to view a helpful article about whitelisting Constant Contact. I would encourage you to call in to our Deliverability specialists for more information. You can view their hours and contact phone numbers by clicking here.

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