Issue with Microsoft 365 delivery - when this will be fixed?


Issue with Microsoft 365 delivery - when this will be fixed?

When will the problem be fixed with Microsoft. I am not sure why customers have not received an email letting us know of the issue. I cannot send an eblast until this is fixed because everyone who uses Microsft will not receive the eblast anyway. I had spoken with a few other folks who use constant contact and they were also not aware of the issue. Where are you at with fixing the problem? Thank you!


Hello @CharlotteH545 ,


If and when there's a large-scale "fix" to the Outlook Protection issue, our engineers will notify you directly. In the meantime, Microsoft's systems are doing what they can to alleviate the spam issue through manual forwards of affected emails. You (and your contacts) can forward the emails to not_junk(at)office365(dot) . Marking the emails from within the email program as not spam will also aid us and MS in resolving the issue.


We'd also recommend following MS's article on correcting undue spam filtering, since you're already self-authenticating.

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We are dealing with the same issue and haven't been able to send email blasts to the majority of our subscribers since the week of May 20th. It's unbelievable that Constant Contact didn't formally announce this issue with Outlook. We only found out because our test emails were appearing in our junk folders so I reached out to ask why that was happening. We were given three solutions none of which worked. We are very disappointed with this whole situation as it has had a significant impact on our operations.